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Machine Shop LEAD (Swing Shift)
Title:Machine Shop LEAD (Swing Shift)

Swing Shift MACHINE SHOP Lead

Position Summary

The Swing Shift Machine Shop Lead is responsible for overseeing the productivity of the shift while maintaining high quality through active training. The Lead will oversee efforts to ensure consistency in output and quality. It is expected that the Lead will oversee general training, adherence to company processes, personnel time cards, maintenance of area cleanliness, and promotion of a positive culture.

Adherence to weekly schedules for rate programs is critical in our performance of delivering quality parts on time to the customer. Along with quality, this will be the primary performance metric.

Specific schedule information will be provided your supervisor.

On the job training will be provided. 


Shift: Swing

Anticipated Schedule: Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 1:00am

              *Subject to adjustment based on swing shift technician schedules

Rate: $14.00 - $25.00/hr base rate depending on experience


Application Requirements

  • Complete online application (
  • Resume
  • Cover letter including: statement of plan to ensure adherence to quality and training requirements.
  • 3-5 years Machining experience.
  • Mastercam Programming knowledge preferred.
  • Working knowledge of manufacturing facility.



  • Oversee training of team members in part-specific requirements.
  • Facilitate cross-training of technicians to provide multiple trained technicians per part and area.
  • Understand and promote adherence to all policies and procedures.
  • Understand and promote adherence to all environmental health and safety guidelines including all safety policies and posted signs.
  • Always correct an unsafe situation or report it to the supervisor.
  • Always wear the required personal protective equipment.
  • Promote completion of production records, travelers and work orders as work is completed. Log and record material traceability information on travelers.
  • Maintain the order and cleanliness of production work areas, ensuring that all tools, materials and supplies are returned to their designated locations throughout the day and again in the last 5 to 15 minutes of the shift. Return all tools and materials to their designated storage space when not in use.
  • Participate in and contribute to process improvement, lean manufacturing and other initiatives.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and strive to improve / learn new things every day.
  • Help in other areas in the shop to preserve shop flow (as needed basis).
  • Maintain time cards for all personnel on shift.
  • Attend production management meetings; including but not limited to: daily stand up meeting, bi-weekly lead training.
  • Coordinate needs with Supervisor and other Leads.
  • Represent resource needs of shift personnel (Tools, space, hiring, etc.) to Supervisor.
  • Evaluate employees and communicate expectations for profit sharing program.
  • Perform Employee Performance Reviews.
  • Train new hires and participate in Onboarding process.
  • Check email daily.
  • Work through employee performance and behavior issues/concerns.
  • Complete Accident/Injury Report forms as needed and in a timely manner.


Knowledge, Skills & Requirements

  • Ability to manage personnel to achieve weekly production targets.
  • Ability to exemplify adherence to production specifications and Christensen Arms policies.
  • The ability to follow procedures and directions with minimal instruction.
  • Perform Set up and Offset changes for CNC Mills and Lathes
  • Program simple to intermediate parts on Mastercam
  • Must be able to use all inspection equipment and follow part blueprints 
  • Must have current tooling technology experience on various materials
  • Must have good machine shop practices
  • Must be able to lift, hold and carry up to 40 pounds unaided.
  • Must be willing to work overtime when required (extended shifts, weekends, etc.).


Success Factors

  • >90% schedule adherence.
  • Greater than 80% labor efficiency.
  • No single-point failures on critical parts (every critical part has a primary and secondary assigned technician).
  • Promote a positive work environment.
  • Minimal scrapped parts.
  • 100% compliance to all Christensen Arms Safety procedures.


How to Apply
Interested applicants should go to to apply.

Please complete an application online; including a resume, cover letter and statement of plan to ensure adherence to quality and training requirements.