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Gun Drill Machine Operator
Title:Gun Drill Machine Operator

Gun Drill Machine Operator

Position Summary: Machine Operators are responsible for the Machining of Stainless Steel products. The Technician needs to be able to work with both manual methods and use of hand tools and equipment to produce products according to defined planning and work instructions. This position requires attention to detail and a need to be precise and diligent in understanding and following work instructions.

Experience:  1-5 years required
Work Schedule:
Anticipated shift: Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 4:30PM

Application Requirements
• Completed online application (including work history and reference information)
• Resume recommended

• Be responsible to work as a team member to complete the required work in each cell.
• Understand and adhere to all policies and procedures, including the Quality Management System.
• Follow all written instructions, work instructions, travelers and procedures when producing hardware
• Understand and adhere to all environmental health and safety guidelines including all safety policies and posted signs. Always work in a safe manner – consistent with Christensen Arms policies and procedures. Always correct an unsafe situation or report it to the Lead, Supervisor or Manufacturing Operations Manager if an unsafe situation is found. Always wear the required personal protective equipment
• Always fill out production records, travelers and logs as work is completed. Log and record material traceability information on travelers. Stamp and date operations complete on travelers when they are complete and the work performed satisfies all documented quality requirements. Do not stamp operations as complete until the operation has been completed
• Maintain the order and cleanliness of production work areas, ensuring that all tools, materials and supplies are returned to their designated locations throughout the day and again in the last 5 to 15 minutes of the shift. Return all tools and materials to their designated storage space when not in use.
• Participate in and contribute to process improvement, lean manufacturing and other initiatives. Recommend process improvements to the Lead, Supervisor, Manufacturing Operations Manager or Manager of Continuous Improvement
• Positive attitude and striving to improve / learn new things every day

Knowledge, Skills & Requirements:
• Mechanical Aptitude in the use of hand tools, machine shop tools and good math skills
• The ability to follow procedures and directions with minimal instruction

  • Operator will set-up drill machines with proper tooling.
  • He or she will be able to drill holes up to 32” in depth using existing PLC programs on Dehoff, and Unisig Gun Drilling Machines.
  • The right job candidate will be able to edit existing CNC programs on Molart Gun drilling machines.
  • The new employee will understand deephole reaming.
  • The operator will already know through visual inspection the quality CARMS expects in their gun barrels or similar parts using the same process or method.
  • This candidate will understand and be able to operate air gauging equipment and maintain .0002” inside dimensions of rifle barrel bores.
  • The operator should know drill tip geometry and ability to maintain drills with in-house sharpening system.
  • He/she will understand the gun barrel button rifling process. (Preferred)
  • Should understand gun barrel rifling twist rates and using shop tools change machine to accommodate proper twist rate during rifling operation. (Preferred)
  • The prospective employee will have the ability to communicate with tooling vendors and participate in voice and e-mail communication.
  • This candidate will acquire tooling price quotes from vendors and pass onto CARMS supply chain for purchase orders.
  • This person will maintain the proper tooling inventory as to prevent failure of complete work orders as to scheduling of specific calibers.
  • This person will routinely move over 1K lbs per day of gun barrels to proper process. (barrels weigh 10lbs max each)
  • Operator will assist other machine operators in maintaining raw stock with fork-truck and carts.
    • Must be able to lift, hold and carry up to 40 pounds unaided. Must be able to perform the physical requirements of the job.
    • Must be willing to work overtime when required
    • Basic understanding of Christensen Arms’ quality system and customer specification navigation
    • High School Diploma / General Education Diploma

    Success Factors:
    • Maintain less than 1% scrap by revenue per year
    • Meet internal on time deliveries of 98% or better
    • Provide input and feedback by completing 2-3 CI Suggestion’s per month
    • 100% compliance to all Christensen Arms Safety procedures

    Application Requirements
    • Completed online application (including work history and reference information)
    • Resume recommended